Are Sexual Issues Keeping You From Having a Fulfilled Sex Life?

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Do you constantly make up with excuses to avoid having sex because you lack desire, experience pain during intercourse or because you can’t orgasm?

Perhaps you experience sexual performance anxiety due to premature ejaculation issues, you can’t ejaculate or erectile dysfunction.

Or, perhaps you encountered unexpected changes in your sex drive and/or performance after pregnancy, a diagnosis or from a previous sexual trauma, and now you’re afraid that you’ll never be able to enjoy sex again.  

Are you afraid to pursue a relationship because you’re too embarrassed and fear that a new partner will reject you?

Do you wish you could just enjoy a connected, fulfilling sex life? 

Living with a sexual disorder can be a lonely, confusing and overwhelming experience. Sexual issues can cause dating issues, painful disconnection in your marriage or intimate relationships and can leave you feeling frustrated and without hope of recovery. Even if you want to enjoy intimacy with your partner, the thought of painful sex, erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction or an orgasm disorder may have you feeling like a failure, disappointed with yourself and your partner.  

If you’re thinking of giving up and you feel sexually inadequate and no longer worthy or capable of a healthy sex life, you are not alone and hope and help are available.  

Many People Experience Intimacy Issues

Studies show that in the United States, about 43% of women and 31% of men aged 18-59 experience sex issues, and these statistics increase with age for both genders. 

There are a variety of ways that sexual dysfunction manifests and signs and symptoms can look differently for individuals with the same diagnosis. Therefore, it’s important to be properly diagnosed by a physician in order to receive a thorough evaluation as well as options for treatment, which may include pharmaceutical or natural remedy support and psychotherapy. 

While both physiologic and psychological components may exist, stress is a common underlying factor that exacerbates symptoms, and can include stress related to relationships and family, jobs, finances, challenges with depression, anxiety, health issues, substance use and past sexual trauma. Cultural stigmas about sex and sexuality may also create additional stressors, including concerns about self-esteem and body image, exploring alternative relationship models, like open relationships and polyamory, LGBT issues and more. No matter where you’re at in life, the good news is that sexual dysfunction doesn’t have to mean your sex life is over. 

Sexual Dysfunction Counseling Can Help You Reclaim a Healthy and Vibrant Sex Life

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In our society, sexual dysfunction is usually kept private and rarely discussed, leaving individuals and partners to suffer alone while feeling too embarrassed to seek help. However, if you don’t work to resolve these important challenges now, your struggles may persist and even worsen. I know that getting this conversation started can be a difficult initial step, but once you’re committed to your recovery, lasting relief becomes possible. 

Sexual dysfunction counseling for individuals offers a non-judgmental environment for you to share your innermost concerns, desires and experiences. Together, we will work toward identifying the root cause of what’s interfering with your sexual performance and enjoyment. Even if you’re experiencing problems related to a congenital, post-surgical or other conditions that have resulted in permanent physical impairment, sex counseling can help ease your suffering and improve your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. 

I am deeply committed to honoring and supporting your beautiful, unique sexual identity, orientation and expression, and I respect any cultural, religious or spiritual values you may have about sex and sexuality. I work collaboratively with my clients to address their distinct concerns. I also provide tailor-made techniques and exercises that are meant to immediately improve your overall quality of life and understanding of your problem.   

My approach is holistic, and I draw on my extensive background in body-mind modalities. Our sessions together may incorporate somatic-based, present-centered approaches and flexible strategies to guide you along your path to sexual healing and wellness. With over 20 years of experience and specific training in issues related to sexual dysfunction from the Buehler Institute, I am confident that I can work effectively with whatever concerns you might have.  

Even if you’ve lost all hope for ever having sex again, with the guidance of a trained and empathic sex therapist, you can experience the pleasurable and vital sex you always wanted.

Maybe you still have concerns about whether or not sexual dysfunction counseling is right for you…

If this is a physical issue, shouldn’t I be working with a physician instead?  

Because of the complex nature of sexuality, it can be difficult, impossible even, to separate the emotional or psychological components from the physiological ones. Depending on your diagnosis, symptoms and other factors, your doctor may prescribe medication or offer other options for treatment, including psychosexual therapy. Many physicians are aware of the important mind-body connection and will refer their patients to a qualified professional.

Isn’t sexual dysfunction just a normal part of aging or something that happens to intimate relationships over time?

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While it’s common for individuals to experience sexual challenges with age, such as getting and maintaining an erection or feeling a lack of desire, sexual dysfunction and related dissatisfaction is not a normal part of aging. Although changes in your sexual performance can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal shifts from pregnancy or low testosterone, job-related stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, alcohol consumption and other health conditions, sexual dysfunction therapy can help reduce that stress and address the psychological root causes that interfere with your ability to maintain a healthy relationship with sex. 

I’ve never experienced a satisfying sex life. Can therapy still help me?

Sexual dysfunction counseling can be a vital step towards achieving a satisfying sex life. Beyond working to pinpoint specific emotional factors surrounding your sexual challenges, intimacy counseling can facilitate and support your self-discovery process as an evolving sexual being. Sexuality includes a broad spectrum of sensations, pleasures, experiences and activities that can be shared with others or enjoyed solo. Relationship counseling can also be beneficial when conflicts arise around sexual performance in a partnership. 

You Can Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex Life

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss any questions you may have regarding my approach counseling for sexual dysfunction.