Do You And Your Partner(s) Want To Have Better Sex?


Does your sex life feel boring or vanilla? 

Maybe you want to improve your sex life, but when you consult the resources available to you (especially on the internet), the options are overwhelmingly abundant. You may wonder which information is trustworthy or right for you. 

Perhaps you’ve recently heard about exciting sexual experiences from friends or read about them online, and you’ve discovered there’s something more. Or, maybe you’ve started to imagine what it would be like to realize some of the fantasies you’ve had for a while. You might wonder if there’s a kinky side of you that’s ready to come to life.

It’s also possible that you’re interested in exploring consensual non-monogamy, but don’t know where to start or how to communicate your desires to your partner. 

Are you an adult virgin who wants to improve self-intimacy and/or gain education about experiencing pleasure with others? 

Maybe you don’t know what you want, except to stop feeling sexually and/or erotically stuck. You may wish you had better options and safe, fun ways to try new things. 

Are you looking for nontraditional sex counseling that supports all different orientations, identities, interests and relationship stages and models? Would you like support, education and clarity while you work to define your sexuality, both as an individual and within relationships? 

You Are Not Alone

We’re all sexual beings who want our desires satisfied. If you’re feeling dissatisfied, are beginning to explore your sexuality or discovering you might be poly or kinky, you’re not alone. It’s okay to feel both eager and overwhelmed. 

Because of our sex negative culture and lack of healthy dialogue surrounding sexuality and expression, there aren’t many common sex education resources. And, many feel ashamed for pursuing what resources they can find. 

Alfred Kinsey, one of the earliest sex researchers, examined thousands of individuals’ sexual fantasies and habits and concluded, “The only unnatural sex is that which you cannot perform.” In other words, all sexual behavior is “normal.” There are no restrictions on the amount or type of sex any adult can have (as long as it’s consensual!). “Average” or traditional ideas about sex are just cultural myths. 

If your sex life feels unfulfilling, you likely have needs that just aren’t being met. Once you realize the many options waiting for you, you can find what you need to truly enjoy sex. Sex education for adults offers the insight and tools needed to transform your sex life and relationship(s).

Sex Coaching Can Help You Unlock Your Sexual Potential

Coaching is built on this premise that you are already whole and well, but you may need help clarifying and attaining optimal growth. Here, our work is narrowly focused on defining and achieving results. Sex coaching can address a variety of sex-related questions, concerns and goals. See headers below for more details. 

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Strengthening a functioning relationship

You and/or your partner(s) can walk away from sex coaching with real life skills to transform your experience of sex and intimacy.

Creating a customized sex education plan  

With expert guidance, you can receive education that targets different areas of your unique desires, arousal, sexual responses, preferred positions, techniques and anatomy. 

If you’re an adult virgin, you can expect learn valuable skills for enhancing pleasure, both individually and in future relationships. We can also define your sexual expression and increase self-confidence. 

Exploring kink and BDSM

If you’re interested in kink, we can navigate how to express those desires in safe, consensual and exciting ways. You might have a partner who doesn’t share your kink; in that case, we’ll discuss how you can have mutually fulfilling sex. We can also explore your kink community and the many wonderful options available to you.  

Discovering what may be getting in the way of your full erotic potential

We can identify and break down any critical self-talk that impairs arousal and replace those with methods to release sexual negativity and make room for sex acceptance and positivity. 

If you and/or your partner suffer from sexual dysfunction—erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasms, painful sex and more, I can help you better understand those issues and provide tools to build increased capacity for intimacy. 

Discovering your unique sexual identity

More and more, people are discovering that strict monogamy doesn’t work for them and vanilla sex doesn’t turn them on. Although we have a variety of ways to define sexuality beyond monogamous, heterosexual and even LGBTQ (e.g. sexually fluid, gender fluid, intersex, heteroflexible, pansexual, polyamorous, monogamish, gender non-binary and gender non-conforming), the truth is everyone’s sexuality is completely unique. If you’re interested in relationship structures and sexual experiences that seem “strange” or “off the menu,” rest assured that your desires are more common than you think.  

Exploring consensual non-monogamy or learning how to have an open marriage

If you’re interested in receiving open relationship advice, I can provide ways to compassionately practice consensual non-monogamy and have the open, polyamorous or monogamish relationship(s) you want.  

Creating the sex life you deserve

I provide you with home-play exercises to optimize performance and pleasure (though no displays of sex or nudity take place during sessions). When you report back, we collaboratively discuss what worked, what didn’t and what you need to move forward. I may also provide additional resources, such as books, tools, videos and other items that may increase connection and satisfaction. 

As an online coach, I can work with English speakers all around the world. And, as a holistic practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I’ve helped countless people discover and fulfill diverse needs. I have specialized sex therapy training from California Institute of Integral Studies and the Buehler Institute, hold certificates in couples and relationship therapy and am currently working toward a doctorate in sexuality studies from CIIS. No matter what changes you’re looking to make, I will draw on my vast experience to find customized solutions. 

I believe sexuality is a journey, not a destination. It’s my lifelong desire to help people feel accepted and discover their own sexuality. With the right guidance, it’s possible to authentically get to know what sex and sexuality mean to you. 

You may have additional questions or concerns about online sex coaching… 

Will sex be performed during sessions?

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No. Although the topic of conversation hinges on sexuality and arousal, there will be no displays of nudity or sex during sessions. 

How long does sex coaching take?

I provide different packages that vary in time and price. 

Why do I need a sex coach? Can’t I just find out everything I need to know online?

 When you’re consuming media online, you’re generally not getting an expert’s advice, especially when the topic is as universal as sex. The internet is a valuable resource, but it’s not free of misinformation or shame-based sex negativity. 

That said, I encourage you to search online and add to your inventory of curiosity. However, if you really want to examine, discover and explore your individual wants and needs, it’s best to consult an expert. 

As a practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I can provide you with resources and tools needed to deepen your knowledge and experience of sexual joy. Working with me, you can expect to receive a comprehensive understanding of your unique wants and needs.

Have Better Sex! 

If you have any questions or would like to discover more about international online coaching or sex counseling in Boulder, CO, I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.  To better serve you, this phone consultation is required for anyone interested in working with me on sex coaching.