Has the Spark Gone Out of Your Sex Life?

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Has sex become frustrating?

Maybe sexual relationships have left you feeling unsatisfied and you’re struggling to navigate your desires and experience pleasure.

Are you embarrassed that it’s been years since you last had sex? Maybe you’re an adult virgin, and you’re afraid to go on dates because you lack experience. 

Perhaps your sexual behavior feels out of control, and you’re concerned about sex addiction.

Lack of sexual fulfillment during any stage of life can feel overwhelming, regardless of whether you’re single, polyamorous or in a monogamous coupled relationship. When sex just isn’t working, it’s uncomfortable and may even lead you to believe there is something wrong with you.  If you’re single, perhaps you doubt you’ll ever be sexually compatible with someone else. Or, maybe feelings of shame and body or intimacy issues have prevented you from connecting with someone special. If you’re dating, perhaps you often feel sexually undesirable, which leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unsure of yourself. Maybe sex with others or masturbation has become routine, and you don’t know how to spice things up. Are you in a relationship and feeling disconnected, both emotionally and physically from your partner? Do you wish you had options available and a way to safely explore them? 

Many People Experience Sexual Challenges 

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If your desires and sexual expression are varied or seemingly different from other people’s, including your own partner’s, you are not alone. The topic of sex is highly stigmatized in our culture, and it’s nearly impossible to live in a repressed or misguided society and not have lingering questions. In the United States, we are all accustomed to messages about how sexuality should be expressed, as well as the type of sex that’s considered normal.  This limited perspective about sexuality causes a countless people to feel ashamed of their desires. Many even believe something there is wrong with them. 

However, sexuality is not a set criteria. Like relationships, sexual preferences can change and develop throughout your lifespan. Many notice their sexual experiences and needs shifting with age, and these discoveries often can cause some uncertainty, challenges, concerns and frustrations. But regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, size, ability, orientation, religion and whatever sexual issues you may be encountering, sex therapy for individuals can help you awaken and foster a passion that is uniquely and spectacularly your own. 

Sexual Therapy Counseling Can Help You Realize Your Sexual Potential

You don’t have to struggle with sexual problems alone. While many people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when they first talk about their sexual issues, getting to the root of the problem and working to resolve your pain can not only improve your sex life but can also strengthen the bond in your relationships and improve your overall health and wellbeing. With the guidance of an experienced sex therapist, you can clarify your concerns and their cause and embark on a healthy path to recovery and joy. When you’re able to transform and enhance your sex life, you can begin to experience more pleasure and harmony in every area of your life.  

In a safe, non-judgmental environment, you can openly share and explore your innermost desires, beliefs and challenges. My approach is collaborative and incorporates a wide variety of customized interventions and blended modalities. Together, we can uncover the root causes of your anxiety and promote new, emerging awareness to your present relationships. Depending on your specific needs, we may navigate how to safely explore new pleasures and sexual experiences as well as the options available if your current practices or lifestyle do not reflect your authentic needs and desires. I can also provide outside information and resources that support our therapeutic work.

I am currently a Doctoral student in the Human Sexuality Ph.D. program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and I have training in sex therapy from the Buehler Institute and Naropa University. I am knowledgeable and confident that I can address any sexual concerns you may have. My extensive 20+ year background also includes various forms of bodywork as well as mindfulness training. I’ve found that incorporating somatic-focused, mindfulness-based techniques successfully allows clients to experience profound levels of self-awareness, connection, growth and healing.  

I am committed to supporting and honoring your unique sexual identity and expression. I strive to create a therapeutic experience that coincides with your values and beliefs about sex and sexuality. Regardless of your problems, with the guidance of a trained and compassionate sex therapist, you can reclaim and connect with your unique and powerfully creative sexual expression.   

Although you’re experiencing problems related to sex or sexuality, you may still have some questions or concerns about sex therapy counseling…

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Does sex actually happen in session?

In alliance with upholding the highest standards of professional ethics and the law, sexual practices and nudity are never a part of our sessions. While our work reflects a highly intimate topic and at times may be sexually descriptive, psychoeducation can be effectively used to suggest appropriate practices, tools or information that you may explore further at home.

Do I have to be in a relationship for therapy to work?

Sexual therapy counseling can support a wide range of sex and relationship issues-- from dating problems to building self-intimacy through masturbation skills. Individual sex therapy is completely customized to your needs and therapy goals. This work can be transformative for those who are single, seek to have sex for the first time, as well as those who feel their sexual behaviors are out of control.

How many sessions does it take to begin feeling relief?

My approach to sex therapy for individuals involves acknowledging and working through the painful impact of your sexual problems, as well as helping you discover your highest sexual potential. Since this process is unique for each client, it’s difficult to approximate the number of sessions you will need. Some clients experience positive effects within the first few sessions. If time or finances are limited, we can certainly work on a solution-focused framework.

You Can Enjoy Sex

I invite you to start the process of reclaiming your sexual spark by scheduling a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss any lingering questions you may have about sex counseling or my practice.